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Numerous studies have pointed to the need to restore flow to the lower Withlacoochee River to pre-Barge-Canal levels. The full text of these studies is available in our archives. The executive summaries from three pertinent reports can be downloaded using the following links: a 1989 Lake Rousseau Restoration Study by SWFWMD, a 2004 West-Terminus Cross Florida Greenway Assessment by SWFWMD, and 2020 Lower Withlacoochee River Assessment by Wetland Solutions. These executive summaries show that since 1989, various groups and agencies have been examining the issue of restoring our once outstanding Florida waterway. Again and again they arrive at the same solution, but then fail to take the next step. Now is the time to pursue action from our state and federal governments, to return the Witihlacoochee to its former beauty - and you can help. Take Action Now. Our voices matter, and when many of us speak in unison we are heard. 


While our organization is small, our initiatives rely upon relationships with several different partners. These include Federal, state, and local agencies, and non-governmental groups that draw upon experts in several fields related to water management and land use. We've included several links to those individuals and groups.

Over the years, our team has collected several documents and digital tools for those who want to explore the issues and the work more deeply in our Archives,


Finally, for content that is timely, but not quite news, we present recommended reading and any other miscellany in a section we simply call Other.

May 2023

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