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About Us

Since our founding in 1984, WAR members have have worked to address threats to the Lower Withlacoochee from multiple fronts, including many related to mining and agriculture. We fought to have our river recognized as one of "Florida's Outstanding Waters," and to achieve protection through enforcement and improvement of  regulations and water management practices.  You can learn about many of these milestones in our timeline

Today, we continue to build upon our history of success and commitment through science-based initiatives identified as priorities in a multi-year study  proposed in 1987 and finally concluded in 2021.

At our meetings, we learn from invited guest speakers who are experts in water management, conservation and other related fields. We put that knowledge to work, raising awareness of our issues and growing community support for the health of the river.

Archived newsletters offer a window into our community and our methods.

You can sign up for our infrequent (we promise) emails that provide important updates and meeting notices. 

These are just a few of the stunning images captured by some of our members and friends. In 2022, we launched an annual calendar sale to raise funds and share the beauty of our home. Check back in the late fall for information about next year's sale.

May, 2023

Google map of Lower Withlacoochee River area
satellite photo of barge canal  that runs between Lake Rousseau and the Gulf.
Mao showing the entire Withlacoochee River watershed

The Google map (top left) shows how the Lower Withlacoochee River flows through the towns of Inglis and Yankeetown towards the Gulf.  The map (above) shows the river's watershed. The satellite image (bottom left) shows the barge canal connecting Lake Rousseau and the river.

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